Gilbert & George | London Pictures

March 20 – June 30, 2013
Exhibition at the MKM Museum Küppersmühle für Moderne Kunst, Duisburg

Completed in 2011, “London Pictures” is the title of the cycle created by the London-based artists Gilbert & George, to which the eponymous exhibition in the MKM from March 20, 2013, is dedicated. Taking as their theme the countless newsagent posters collected by the artists themselves over a period of six years, the artists compile a detailed inventory of quotidian human behaviour, which they then submit to their hallmark humanistic gaze, and in so doing, furnish their own perspective on the psycho-social condition of our Western societies. What emerges is an extensive series of images from which the MKM is, for the first time, showcasing 70 individual pictures and affording visitors the opportunity to intensively explore this new phase from the oeuvre of Gilbert & George.

Further venues:

Casal Solleric
Fundaciò Palma Espai d’Art
Palma de Mallorca
September 19, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Pressemitteilung Gilbert & George, Mallorca 2013 (389 downloads)