Erwin Bohatsch and Manfred Wakolbinger | Current

July 14 –  September 10, 2006
MKM Museum Küppersmühle for Modern Art

The MKM presents the exhibition “Current”, a common show of the two Austrian artists Erwin Bohatsch and Manfred Wakolbinger. About 70 paintings, sculptures and photographic works will be on show. Following the exhibitions of Hubert Schmalix, Siegfried Anzinger and Heinz Cibulka the MKM is pleased to present positions of the Austrian art scene again. Austria will continue to be a constant in our exhibition agenda.

The approaches of the two artists are entirely autonomous. Yet the effect produced by a juxtaposition of Bohatsch’s paintings with Wakolbinger’s sculptural entities is that of a new dimension, a different level of energy and tension. It was apparently just this tension that prompted the artists to call their joint exhibition “Current.”