June 24 – September 7, 2008
MKM Museum Küppersmühle for Modern Art

The MKM is showcasing one of the most important German colour painters in a representative retrospective: Kuno Gonschior. Entitled “Just for You and Me”, the exhibition presents 65 works from the early 60s until today.

Kuno Gonschir paints for the eye, and the themes and content of his art lie exclusively in colour. Yet all we have ever learned about colour and the theory of colour is best immediately fogotten to enable us to learn anew form the paintings and the colours themselves. For this reason, Gonschior’s paintings are intensely personal – for the painter and for the viewer alike.

Kuno Gonschior does not depict any objects, dispensing entirely with composition. His artistic medium is the dash of paint. With his constellations of various strokes, spots or dabs of paint, the artist has for the past 50 years explored the properties of colour. That was, is and remains a fascinating undertaking, for colour is a physical phenomenon which eludes all certainty. In endeavouring to fathom the impact of colour, one must become conscious of the process of perception, of seeing. Kuno Gonschior’s paintings teach us that we cannot rely on our visual faculties, or trust our eyes.