December 4, 2007 – March 2, 2008
MKM Museum Küppersmühle for Modern Art

In 1969 the student Jörg Immendorff was expelled from Düsseldorf’s State Academy of Arts only to return as a professor in 1996 with an extensive and ground-breaking oeuvre and numerous exhibitions both at home and abroad. As part of the project series AKADEMOS, which is devoted to the works of the academy’s professors, the MKM is showcasing the paintings of the recently deceased “prince of artists” (1945-2007) from December 4, 2007 to March 2, 2008. To date Siegfried Anzinger (2001), Hubert Kiecol (2002), Rissa (2003), A.R. Penck (2003), Rosemarie Trockel and Markus Lüpertz (2006) have been featured in this series. The show was coordinated and agreed with Jörg Immendorff whilst he was still alive.

Encompassing some 90 works and spanning some 4 decades, the retrospective takes the visitor upon a journey across Immendorff’s world of images, underscoring once again the artist’s uncontested status as one of the leading protagonists of German post-war art. The earliest painting in the exhibition dates from 1965, the most recent from 2007. Jörg Immendorff is also represented in the Ströher Collection with numerous works.