Between Silence and Strength | Sculpture by Dietrich Klinge

October 23 – November 20, 2005
MKM Museum Küppersmühle for Modern Art

The MKM presents the exhibition “Between Silence and Strength” from Dietrich Klinge. The artist who was born in Heiligenstadt in 1954 and who had been a student of Alfred Hrdlickas at the Stuttgarter Kunstakademie (Stuttgart Art Academy) presents roughly 35 central works of bronze in the MKM. With it he offers a comprehensive insight in his world of sculptures. The display of art is completed by roughly 20 graphics of the artist.

Klinge loves the large format and the expressive, you can almost call it archaic, expression. His sculptures show people in their formal variety: Total body figures standing, sitting, laying, crouching, torsi, busts, human body parts. The heads are sitting on giant bodies like masks, the faces look like pictures of gods from another world.

The surface texture is rough and of raw cuts, as if wood had been craggily worked on with an axe. This impression is misleading. In reality it is bronze, a sophisticated technical method, that uses the directness and expressive force of the material wood.